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In the naked light I saw ten thousand people, maybe more…

Officers stand ready for store opening on the first day of the January sales...

This is a very, very quick post to bring to your attention an interesting video that has cropped up on the Guardian website filmed by one of their reporters who accompanied officers from the Met Police’s Territorial Support Group during their tour of duty for the ‘March for the Alternative’ protests in London on March 26th. It feels reasonably well balanced and gives an insight into what it’s like for the police officers who are deployed to maintain the peace during a march of such a huge size. If you’ve a short attention span like me you may well shudder at the video’s fifteen minute length but stick with it, it’s well worth the watch.

P.S. This PC couldn’t work out how to get his own PC to embed said video directly into this blog. The code provided by the Guardian didn’t seem to work in WordPress and despite locating the video’s source location I couldn’t coerce it into appearing as a playable video – do any web wise readers have any ideas on how to embed a .mp4 video into the body of a blog?

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