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It ain’t easy…

The above video is a short message from our Deputy Chief Constable, Dave Thompson, all about how the force aims to close the funding gap that we’re facing over the next four years of £126 million.

This works out as an equivalent to around a 20% reduction in our budget or to put it into terms that people (me) can more easily understand, the amount that we’re required to save could buy around 210 million Creme Eggs*.

Clearly doing so is no easy task but this said, the savings are to be found over a gradual four year period and will hopefully come from changing the way our backroom operations work to make the service more efficient.

Efficiency is certainly the current buzzword and it’s because of this that the thrillingly-named ‘Priority Based Budgeting’ strategy will be so important. Basically it means reassessing how we’re set up to deliver policing and identifying how we could improve to both cut waste and cut cost.

As DCC Thompson stresses, we’re not looking to alter how the front line services are delivered in any noticeable way so you shouldn’t worry about your neighbourhood beat surgery closing down or your favourite, most handsome and dashing Walsall A Unit response officer disappearing from the mean streets.

Times are tough and the decisions that need to be made even tougher – the first consideration though is the public. We put them first and when it comes to our finances, that’s the bottom line.

* This calculation is based on the assumption that the Creme Eggs are purchased at the extortionate 2011 rate of around 60p each. Obviously I’d expect any decent wholesaler to offer a bulk buying discount.

Must I paint you a picture?

Can you beat Ian's efforts?

Not too long ago I was sitting at home twiddling my thumbs when I decided I’d check in on my Twitter stream. Amongst the usual X Factor discussion and repeated direct messages from Stephen Fry telling me he really wants to work with me and get my autograph, I noticed a very interesting series of updates.

They were all from one of my followers, Ian Paintain, and contained links to a series of drawings he’d done of some of our police vehicles. I was so impressed with them that I’d asked if I could put some of them onto my Facebook profile and as he agreed, uploaded them straightaway.

I then thought if Ian could do such good drawings and share them with the good people of cyberspace, could there be others who might also have some artistic flair and like to get involved too? Might it be an idea to ask people to submit their police-themed art and gather the entries together under the guise of a friendly competition?

Yes it would.

As such I’m happy to announce that for the month of October I’m running a competition for people of all ages and abilities who fancy entering with their own police-themed creative efforts. Entries can be in any form (drawings, paintings, pasta stuck to card etc) with the only criteria being that you’ll need to be able to email me an image of your work in a readable, reasonably low file size, format.

Whilst the competition is running I’ll be using the Twitter hashtag #policepicture to reference any tweets on the theme and would encourage you to do the same.

All entries will be uploaded onto a special gallery over on the Facebook page and at the end of the month I’ll be asking officers from my team at Walsall to stick their thinking caps on and try and decide which is our favourite.

What’s in it for the winner though? Well, as anyone who follows my Twitter feed might know, I’m partial to the occasional Creme Egg so what better prize could I offer the most talented artist than an entire bag of Creme Eggs brought directly from the Cadbury factory in Bournville? These will be carefully packaged and then sent via the Queen’s very own Royal Mail as soon as the winner is announced, thereby guaranteeing the lucky person instant popularity amongst friends and family alike.

All of these will belong to the competition winner, minus one or two that might go inexplicably 'missing' in transit...

Whilst I’ve said entries should be on a policing theme, I’ll leave the interpretation of this up to yourselves. I guess I’m hoping for pictures of police vehicles, police officers locking up bad guys and jumping over rooftops but the content is really up to you – let your imagination run wild. The competition is open to all and you can submit as many entries as you please.

Entries will close on October 31st and I’ll try announcing the lucky winner the following week on this here blog. Good luck!

Please submit your entries to me via the competition email address which is -

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