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So let them say your hair’s too long, ’cause I don’t care, with you I can’t go wrong…

The A Unit Response 'Mo Bros' - Bottom row from left to right - PC Latham, PC Elliot, PC Price, Top row - Me, PC Smallman, PC Smith, PC Foster, PC Tong, PC Nogueira*

For many on the A Unit Response Team at Walsall Police Station, November has been a long, challenging month.

This hasn’t been because of depressing reports about the state of the economy, worrying news of disorder abroad or even downright dull weather.

It’s been because many of us have been growing moustaches.

First of all I’ll have to include a disclaimer that as you can see from our photo, some have been more successful than others. Some members of the shift have shown that summonsing up a big old manly moustache takes no more effort than it does to put on a pair of police trousers or say ‘Ello Ello Ello’ to a member of the public.

Others have been forced to face up to the fact that they just weren’t born with the ability to grow anything more than what many, many mean people – often total strangers – have labelled ‘fluff’.

Our various successes aside, our simultaneous sprouting of lip slugs has all been in aid of ‘Movember‘ – the charity moustache growing event held each year to help raise awareness and funds for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer.

Last year the awesome power of the moustache was harnessed to raise over £48 million with just under half a million individual moustaches contributing.

The event hopes to help change the attitudes us men have towards our health, trying to convince us that we might benefit a little from seeing the doctor a little more frequently and increasing our chances that cancers can be diagnosed early enough to be treated.

Despite the fact that we’ve all looked rather silly for the past month (or in one or two cases, much better), everybody seems to have enjoyed the event and there’s been some good banter fostered by our bristling top lips. Many a parade has been spent discussing different moustache styles and barely a shift has gone by without one moustache-laden police officer saying to another “Hey mo bro, want a hand with anything?”.

Whilst our moustaches now will likely have been shaven off to mark the passing of Movember and the coming of the much more sensible December, during which we get to eat Advent chocolate for breakfast, we’re looking for any kind donations you may feel compelled to make to help celebrate us reaching the height of our silliness.

Donations of any size, shape or currency can be made through our team’s ‘Mo Space’ profile and will be greatly appreciated by men worldwide, even the ones who think their Movember moustaches actually look good and are considering keeping them…

* Absent is PC Jeffries who became a dad again earlier this week so congratulations to him and his bushy moustache! Also missing is PC Bathgate who had cultured a particularly impressive pencil style effort. It will be sorely missed.

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