Witness the fitness…


On December 16th our own Superintendent Fraser will be scaling Brum’s thirteen tallest buildings to raise money and awareness for the SuperJosh Charity, care to help him out with a donation or two? (Image from Tony Hisgett)

Stairs. The nemesis of mankind. Jutting, jagged obstacles forcing even the fittest of us to tremble at the thought of their ascent.

Stairs are why lifts were invented. And escalators. The travelators. Three mechanisms designed entirely so that us poor humans need not risk life-threatening exhaustion putting one foot in front of the other in an endeavour to haul our ill-prepared frames up a forty five degree incline.

Well, that’s what I think about stairs anyway.

But enough about me, you’re probably now thinking what other police officers think about stairs and the challenge they present?

Former Walsall officer and now HQ based Superintendent Fraser for example?

Well, either out of a love of stairs or a hatred of the convenience offered by the good people at Otis, on the 16th of December Mr. Fraser will be ‘manually’ climbing the thirteen highest buildings in Birmingham.

He’s doing this to raise money and support for the SuperJosh Charity who assist children with brain tumours and post surgery disabilities.

To suit the superhuman endeavour that this challenge represents, Mr. Fraser will be dressing up as a super hero himself and whilst Spider-Man is the most popular choice at the moment, appropriate suggestions are welcome for alternate costumes.

You can support the challenge in a number of ways depending on how athletic you’re feeling.

First of all, you can consider making a donation to the event by heading over to the funding page and giving whatever you feel you can spare.

You can also help by promoting the event giving the #Brum13peakchallenge hashtag an airing or two on Twitter and hitting the share buttons on the event’s website to let people know it’s happening.

If you’d like to take part yourself – and other members of the emergency services are particularly welcome as are members of the public – then please send an email to superjcharity@gmail.com with your contact details.

Any help would be greatly appreciated by the benefactors of the charity so please, dig deep!

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