Diamonds are forever…

Hollywood glitz? Yes, we’ll be seeking to replicate a little of that at next January’s ‘Diamond Awards’. Who will you nominate?

The Oscars. A reception of flash bulbs on the red carpet. Film stars blubbering away on stage. Rambling acceptance speeches and running mascara. Yes, I think we’ll have a bit of that.

Each and every day the officers and staff of West Midlands Police are out patrolling streets, rescuing cats from trees, saying ello’ ello’ and generally doing the very best they can for the public.

It’s not always an easy job and this is why it’s nice to receive recognition every now and again for work well done, especially when officers have gone and above and beyond the already high standards expected of them.

This is where our ‘Diamond Awards‘ come in – our very own, scaled up, version of the Oscars.

The inaugural Diamond Award ceremony will be held in January and offer both the public and employees of WMP a chance to recognise individuals and teams who have really gone all out to make a difference.

Just as with the Oscars themselves, the Diamond Awards are arranged into a variety of categories so to help recognise the wide range of different ways in which worthy contributions have been made.

The categories are as follows -

  • Working In Partnership: This award will go to an individual or team who has worked tirelessly in partnership with others to solve local problems, improve service delivery or help improve confidence.
  • Community Engagement: This award will go to individual or team who has demonstrated their commitment to community engagement by helping, working with and enabling local people to have more of a say in how decisions are made in their area.
  • Excellence In Service Delivery: Awarded to an individual or team who provides, or has provided, a high quality professional service that has helped to increase confidence and satisfaction.
  • Driving Diversity: This award will be given to an individual or team who has worked to promote equality of opportunity and/or tackled discrimination.
  • Leading Change: The Leading Change award will be given to an individual or team who has embraced ‘change’, helping to improve services or processes, ultimately improving the level of service delivered.
  • Creativity And Innovation: Awarded to an individual or team who has demonstrated innovative or creative ways of working.
  • Inspirational Leadership: The recipient of this award will have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, inspiring others to achieve.
  • Putting The Public First: This award aims to identify an individual or team who has acted above and beyond the call of duty to put the public first.
  • Team Of The Year: The team of the year award will be given to the team or department who have worked together to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of successful
  • Employee Of The Year: An award each for police officer, PCSO, special constable and police staff, the Employee Of The Year Award recognises outstanding service by individuals, over and above what is required as part of that person’s normal duties.
  • Community ‘Thank You’ Award: Awarded to an individual or group who have worked with police, providing assistance through local initiatives such as Neighbourhood Watch, community groups etc.

So those are the categories, now for the important bit – you think you’d like to nominate someone but how can you do so? Well, there are a variety of options open to you.

Assuming you’re reading this blog on a computer (you almost certainly are although to check, look for the presence of some gigabubbles), the easiest way to make a nomination is to click on these here words and go straight to the online nomination form.

It takes only moments to fill in and and if you had started filling it in at the same time that you had started to read this sentence, you’d probably have already completed it.

If you fancy more of a challenge than the online form, you can also download a copy of the application form and then email it back to us at the address

A third option, if perhaps you’re going to print the form for someone who doesn’t use email, is to post it back to us addressing your letter in your best hand to: Dawn Fisher, Corporate Services Department, West Midlands Police, PO Box 52, Lloyd House, Colmore Circus Queensway, Birmingham, B4 6NQ.

If you’d like to know more about the Diamond Awards or maybe you’re Brad Pitt’s agent wanting to get a hospitality pass or two, please email us on the above address or give Dawn a call by hitting 1, then 0, and then 1 and then using the extension 7800 2649.

You’ll need to be quick as entries close on November 16th, so if there’s an individual or a team that stands out to you as really having made a difference in any of the above categories, please don’t hesitate to fill in a nomination form.

As our head honcho, Chief Constable Chris Sims, said in his recent video message on the Diamond Awards, “It only takes a few minutes to nominate, so if you know an individual, or team that deserves to be recognised – whether it be for a fantastic piece of work or for a long standing community initiative – this is your chance to show them that they are valued.”

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