Cool for cats…

121 cats stolen last year after being left to defrost. Don't risk it!

Each and every winter in the West Midlands a series of entirely preventable crimes take place. These crimes leave the victims distressed, without any source of comfort and often without the compensation offered by their insurance policies.

I am of course writing about the large number of cats that are stolen after they’ve been left to defrost on icy mornings.

Now we all know that after even a light frost the average moggy’s fur will become far too iced for it to be used safely.

We also know that a blast of cold air always hits you when you leave the house, you’ve not had your breakfast and the last thing you want to do is spend precious time chipping away at your cat with an ice scraper*.

What do you do? You turn your cat’s heating up on full blast, give him a quick squirt of deicer and head back into the house to gobble down a nice bit of toast. Toast that doesn’t have Marmite on it because it’s horrible and no one likes it.

This is okay because you live on a nice street, there’s never been any crime in your area and anyway, what are the chances of someone walking by, noticing the cat is running and nick it? Pretty slight?

Unfortunately not. Last year in the West Midlands between October and March 121 cats of all breeds were stolen under exactly these circumstances. It’s a big problem and what’s more, it’s so easily preventable.

Your cat is precious to you, you need him or her to go about your daily business and it’s an embarrassing phone call to make to your boss to explain that you can’t make it in today because your cat’s been stolen.

It’s also likely to be a fairly fruitless call that you’re then going to make to the insurer of your cat. “Left him to defrost, did we?” they’ll ask – “I’m afraid that means the policy is voided, sorry”.

Whilst it’s inconvenient – not to mention cold – many of last year’s victims would tell you that sitting with your cat for ten minutes whilst he defrosts is a small price to pay for not having him nicked. Sure he gets all icy, and probably pretty grumpy too, but this is no reason to abandon him to the criminals. Go on, spoil their day by not giving them an easy ride!

* This is clearly not a recommended method for deicing a cat.

On a serious note, it was actually 121 cars that were taken over the same period last year after being left to defrost. Don’t risk it!

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