The winner takes it all…

Notice the stylish use of glitter. If there's one problem with policing in the 21st century it's that we don't use enough glitter.

You may remember a month ago I published a blog post all about a competition I was running during October to see who could come up with the best police related drawing, with a bag of Creme Eggs being the prize for the winner. With a lot less creativity than that shown by the entrants I’d called it the Police Picture competition and during its course I received some fantastic entries which I added to a special gallery over on the Facebook page.

The time has come to decide which was the favourite and due to the high standard of the submissions, this has been no easy task. Several times a firm favourite has been picked, only for minds to be changed the next moment when a fox is spotted in another drawing, or some fancy use of pencil, or even some flames seen jetting out the rear of a police car.

In the end though, and after much deliberation, a winner has to be announced and that winner is Megan Watton for her entry, ‘Bling Tazer‘. I liked both her use of glitter and also the ambition behind the drawing, that it could be used on a night out to stop boys ‘bothering’ her. Grossly illegal as this would be, I felt that the fact it only shoots blue and gold glitter probably mitigates any offences and it’s clear that she’s put genuine effort into her creation so congratulations to her.

As I say it was no easy task deciding and several of the other entries (heck, all of them) are worthy of special mention. Ian Paintain’s drawings of police vehicles were fantastic, Katie Walker’s lipstick wearing policewoman (or man?) was highly entertaining and James Turner’s floating, glitter-powered police car was great. Shaun Mills’ jet powered police car has given some of our mechanics ideas and Morgan Foster’s depiction of a criminal being tazered and attacked by a police dog was enough to put any criminal off a life of crime.

In addition to these, the street scenes sent in by Symone Cunningham, Sophie Ward and TJ O’Leary were all very impressive. I can see from Monica Handley’s entry that she’s a fashion designer to be, that Daniel Bird clearly thinks police foxes are a good idea and that Faye Stanley thinks police officers should wear bright yellow trousers!

I’ll be in touch with Megan as soon as I am able to (reluctantly) arrange for her to receive a bag of Creme Eggs in reward for her efforts and would like to congratulate all those who entered for submitting what were some very enjoyable pictures.

Whilst the competition is over, I’m always happy to receive your police pictures so if you have any please tweet them to me and I’ll share them with everyone else!

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1 Response to “The winner takes it all…”

  1. 1 Keith 01/11/2011 at 16:15

    Very amusing post and you resisted toe urge to scoff the Creme eggs yourself.

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